Green Living

We all need to take action to live a "greener" lifestyle and ensure that health of our environment for future generations. To that end, TerraCorp. Management Inc. is taking an active role in reducing its carbon footprint in all its apartments.

We have implemented recycling programs at all properties, and we are currently installing energy efficient lighting in all our buildings. TerraCorp. consistently works at improving the efficiency of our buildings by keeping up with window repair and replacement, as well as HVAC upgrades. We also work with local suppliers and contractors whenever possible. As a resident wanting to take part in our initiative, consider adding these simple energy-reducing habits to your daily routine:

  • Turn off lights, computers, TV’s, stereos and any other electrical device when not in use or when leaving your apartment.
  • Keep your heating set to 22 degrees in the winter
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in your lamps and overhead light fixtures
  • Use hot water efficiently as heating hot water is the most energy consuming task in your home. Do not run hot water when not in use
  • Advise us of any leaky faucets or running toilets
  • Minimize the use of your window air conditioner in the summer months. If you will not be home during the day, keep it off or on the low setting.

Remember the 3 R's!  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a healthy today and tomorrow.

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